The Butterfly Program

Peaceful Solutions Counseling offers education/therapy groups for the children whose parents are currently going through a divorce or separation or have been having custody disputes.   This one time (2 ½ hour) session is offered to children of all ages. 

Our groups will help children:

  • Understand their feelings are normal and that they are not alone.
  • Express their thoughts and feelings productively in a neutral, supportive environment.
  • Understand how divorce affects them and learn skills to handle their reactions to it.
  • See problems differently and create coping skills that lead to life changes related and unrelated to divorce.
  • Understand that many types of families are possible.

We offer four separate groups, and have the curriculum and discussions reflect their age and development. The groups may have up to eight children in each session.

  1. Ages 6-8
  2. Ages 9-11
  3. Ages 12-13
  4. Ages 14-17

This Program is sponsored by:

Education and Therapy Groups for Children in Wausau, WI